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DMX Recorder III

DMX Recorder III


DMX Recorder III




DMX-RECORDER III is a real time transcription machine, it can real-time record the DMX signal, store and play as files in SD card so that you can edit and replay it afterward. DMX-RECORDER III can be used as a recorder or a storable controller. Backup when rehearsal, then connect it to the controller and run the DMX-RECORDER synchronously, when the controller power off or has no signal output, then the DMX-RECORDER will output automatically until the controller resumes normal. Can be also used in the unmanned scene such as outdoor lighting, outdoor wall lighting. Record the signal you want and set the time, then it will control the lights working automatically.


- Single DMX 512 input for real time DMX recording
- Recorded shows can be saved via SD card. Playback speed can be adjusted.
- Remote control of DMX recorder functions via serial port from PC.
- 2 record modes: SEQU mode and STEP mode.
- 4 Play modes : Loop SEQU mode, Solo SEQU mode, Auto STEP mode, Audio STEP mode.
- Built in time clock for show playback. 3 timeclock triggers per 24hr period.

Technical Specifications

- 250 x 92 x 40mm

- 0.9kg 

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