DMX Master 2416



DMX Master 2416


The DMX Master 2416 is a medium size controller that allows you to easily program, edit and operate your favourite lights. It can control up to 16 fixtures each with maximum 24 channels. It features 8 faders, 3 pages for settings, 24 scenes and 16 chases, which can be run under Auto/Sound, Active/Manual mode and Wait/Fade time mode. It also offers blackout/stand alone mode, built-in Microphone for Music triggering, LCD display for better navigation, Auto DMX addressing, standard MIDI connector and USB host for software upgrading and backup. 


- 384 DMX channels
- Standard MIDI connector
- Power failure memory
- Blackout / Stand alone mode
- Pan/tilt fine can be adjustable
- 16 chases, each chase can have max. 1000 steps max. 1000 steps for all chases 

Technical Specifications

Power Supply
- AC 120-240V/50-60Hz

- USB host for software upgrading and backup

DMX Channels
- Control 16 fixtures, each fixture with max. 24 channels

- 483 x 133 x 78mm


- 2.5kg 

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